Our Artists

Linda Johns

"Linda Johns has devoted her artistic career to relentlessly probing what this life is about. With the natural world as the primary source of her inspiration, she works and reworks images, experimenting with interactive ideas in several different mediums, continually honing her technique and pushing the boundaries."
"The inspiration for Anna Syperek's poetic realism comes from an intuitive rapport with her own surroundings, in and about the town and county of Antigonish, Nova Scotia. For Syperek, the everyday is significant and marvelous subject matter. Whether it be a pasture up the back road, a season in transition, or a toothbrush tossed in a glass, she creates a kind of mythology for what you might not have noticed before."
" I believe art to be more than technique, subject matter, theme or intent. Art expresses in a visual symbol on a two dimensionsal surface one person's life experience with which others can relate."
"I aim to integrate my work with my life in general as completely as possible, both spatially and temporally, with each enriching the other."

Robert Rutherford

" Several times each year, I pack my 17 year old classic motorcycle with camping gear and explore part of Atlantic Canada. When a good subject shows up, I find a quiet hill and draw for two or three hours. No photographs. The image is translated in the oldest, most direct language of symbols. "

Kath Kornelsen-Rutherford

" I am fascinated by collections and by diversity which is revealed by closer observation. In my work I try to encourage the viewer to look again for hidden meaning or image. "

Cecil Day

"My prints evolve slowly with many proofings and often varied editions. Sometimes I print on fabric to make two and three dimensional hangings. Sometimes I make books images or parts of images. The chance to "play" with the image is part of the pleasure."
"I have lived in Nova Scotia most of my life and throughout my career have turned to the local landscape for inspiration. I especially enjoy trying to capture the warm early morning light with it's dramatic contrasts."

John Levangie

"John Levangie’s clever modeling in wire proves that metal is not necessarily cold or hard. He creates sceletal volume that suggest forms that are not closed."

Julia Redgrave

"Julia Redgrave has lived and worked in Nova Scotia since 1981. She grew up in Ontario where she attended Sheridan College and the Ontario College of Art.
Her concerns as a painter are to capture the natural beauty that surrounds her. The most recent work, “Open Road” and “Wind and Sail” continues her intrigue with the interpretation of our journeys as visual metaphor. The “Bird Series” captures the powerful icons often embodied by these wonderful creatures."

Felicity Redgrave

"Felicity Redgrave, RCA, has had an impressive career as an art educator and visual artist, working in acrylic, watercolour, conte and mixed media. She is best known for her work in series, exploring emotional and psychological energy behind iconographic elements of a particular landscape or place, including Peggy’s Cove, archaelogical sites of ancient Greece, and more recently the Canadian arctic, to mention only a few. Each body of work is a studied reflection of history, current thought and the artist’s response."

Alice Hoskins

"Alice Hoskins brings a bold and refreshing hand to her figure and floral studies, landscapes and seascapes. She prefers to paint on location, making eloquent use of the spacious and luminous qualities inherent in the watercolour medium."
Around the Turn
William Rodgers

"Making a name for himself across North America with his award-winning landscapes and equestrian paintings, Bill considers himself primarily a plein-air painter, feeling that he is best able to capture the subtle nuances of light and atmosphere in the immediacy of the moment, painting on site. Wherever he travels, he engages with local artist groups, joins life-drawing sessions and seeks out inspiring local features, to better engage with the environment he finds himself in."