Ogden's Pond. Watercolor, 2001

A.W. Syperek Curiculum Vitae

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Boundary Line. Etching, 1984

Marshy Hope. Oil, 2000

Harbour Center. Etching, 1996

"...Syperek would reacquaint us with our very lives."

Arts Atlantic 

"She likes the ... grey, wet Nova Scotian light which intensifies gentle tertiary colours and coats the scene with a kind of unifying metaphysical varnish."

Program Notes, St. Mary's Univ., Halifax, N.S.

The inspiration for Anna Syperek's poetic realism comes from an intuitive rapport with her own surroundings, in and about the town and county of Antigonish, Nova Scotia. For Syperek, the everyday is significant and marvelous subject matter. Whether it be a pasture up the back road, a season in transition, or a toothbrush tossed in a glass, she creates a kind of mythology for what you might not have noticed before. Her faith in the inherent truth that lies in the natural, brings her to an honest and reverent rendering of light and atmosphere with gentle, true colour. Her careful details allow the wind to blow and light to filter through in such a way that the subject's quality of being real is captured and our perceptions enhanced by the attention drawn to it. No matter how specific the subject might be, Syperek creates a wide berth for the chance human element to enter into her work and in so doing welcomes the viewer in at the same time.

Born in England, of Polish and English parents, Syperek studied painting, drawing and art history at York University in Toronto, before moving to Antigonish in 1971 and teaching herself watercolor painting. In 1977, she went back to school at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design in Halifax, N.S. to study printmaking, earning her BFA in 1980. She then returned to Antigonish to set up her own etching/printmaking studio at her home overlooking St. George's Bay. Well known for her etchings, watercolours and recent oils, Syperek also teaches university drawing and etching classes.

Her work can be found in galleries in the Maritimes, Ontario, Quebec, and British Columbia, in the Canada Council Art Bank, the Nova Scotia Art Bank, Petro Canada, Via Rail, Canadian Airlines, and other corporate collections, and in numerous private collections across Canada and the United States

Hughie Stewart's. Etching