Very, Very Special ... all copies handbound, numbered and signed by Author/Artist Linda Johns $55.00@Forty-one whalebone carvings pictured and loads of photographs to illustrate the "Odyssey"
Seventy-Six bi-folded pages, handbound in traditional Japanese design
with your very own whalebone and cord page marker.
Excerpt from the forward of "Whalebone Odyssey"

“In recent years, whalebone has become a familiar part of my art shows. Often it is combined with shed caribou, moose or deer antler; fossils, shells, wood, stone, iron or fired clay. Though I strive for depth of meaning with each effort, the question most often asked is, "Where do you get your whalebones?"
Several have been welcome gifts, three have been purchased in flea markets, but the majority have come from Newfoundland. Come with us now to 'The Rock' and experience some of the wild, bone-gathering adventures that lie behind the finished carvings.”
Over the last thirty years, artist, author and naturalist Linda Johns has expressed her unique wisdom through paintings, drawings, linocuts, sculpture in wood, whale bone, and clay, as well as seven published books. Her inspirations flow from the wild places, creatures and feathered friends that encircle her life in rural Nova Scotia. As a professional artist, Johns is primarily self-taught, pursuing her personal exploration in art history and analysis, mythology, symbolism and metaphysics.