A handbound, limited edition book printed on Japanese Paper Stock. Thirty eight pages printed on Kikusui Parchment center fold 7" x 11" landscape format. The cover stock is Iwahada Dark Sand with a interleaf page of Obonai Shiracha and type set Cally 721. Personally assembled and handbound in a traditional Japanese sewn twine fashion, signed and numbered by the artist. Price $150.00

Trees and houses that have grown old together, crouched in valleys or stalwart on hilltops, create visual harmony that has inspired countless artists. Night lighting, especially, casts them in mystery: shadows of branches serpentine across walls, luminous trees spring like fountains, cosy interiors float in disquieting darkness. Parts of buildings vanish, leaving familiar fragments looking strangely unfamiliar.

For a few years, I pencilled down these intriguing images, developing them later into paintings, ink drawings and linoprints. In night drawings I tried to weave seen and unseen, suggesting the great mystery of which we are a part. Eventually, I moved away from architectural forms, striving instead for universal content unlimited by time and place.

But walk with me now along streets and country roads in quieter years, and see some of the trees and houses that I saw then.
Linda Johns


Shapes and Shadows 2007
Limited edition book printed on Japanese Paper Stock
7" x 11"