Vicki MacLean

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" I believe art to be more than technique, subject matter, theme or intent. Art expresses in a visual symbol on a two dimensionsal surface one person's life experience with which others can relate."

- V. MacLean

Vicki MacLean is a well-established artist who has received much deserved acclaim for her large works in oil and watercolour. She evokes the subtle qualities of Nova Scotian rural life and landscape with precise and intimate attention to the lay of the land, the hue of each season, the changing qualities of northern light. With her more recent interest in intaglio MacLean has translated her larger visions into rich, concise copper plate etchings with characteristic verve and intense purpose. The immensity of a field of yellow crops, the dense complexities of a magnificent sunset: Vicky MacLean takes on the overwhelming energy and beauty of the natural world and compresses it, without losing any of its power to astonish.

Majoring in Art at the Connecticut College for Women, in New London, Conn., MacLean graduated with an Honours BA in 1960, and went on to study figure drawing, lithography, and wood cut at the University of Wisconsin in Madison, Wisconsin. MacLean then moved to Canada, living for several years in Cape Breton and then relocating to Antigonish, N.S. where she now works, teaches, and directs the St. Francis Xavier University Art Gallery.

Vicki MacLean's work is represented in galleries in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. Her work is included in many private and corporate collections, including Texaco Canada, the Bank of Nova Scotia, Imperial Tobacco, Northern Telecom, Maritime Tel and Tel, Teleglobe Canada, the Art Bank of Nova Scotia and the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia.

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Brief Biography

Name: Vicki MacLean

Born: Baltimore, Maryland

Media: Oil, watercolour, wood cut, lithography, etching

Studio: Antigonish, Nova Scotia

Education: Connecticut College for Women, New London, Conn., University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wisconsin

Selected permanent collections: Texaco Canada, Bank of Nova Scotia, Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, Art Bank of Nova Scotia, Maritime Tel and Tel, and Northern Telecom

Selected Exhibits:

Atlantic Art Gallery, Halifax, N.S., 1975,1977,1978

Elca London Gallery, Montreal, Quebec, 1981

Zwicker's Gallery, Halifax, N.S., 1984, 1988

Carriage House Gallery, Wolfville, N.S., 1986

Lyghtesome Gallery, Antigonish, N.S., 1986, 1993

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In review

Listed by Chatelaine Magazine in June 1988 under a column entitled Hot Talents, as one of six east coast artists "....both up and coming and established, who are creating excitement among dealers and consultants across Canada."


" She evokes the gentle quality of the Nova Scotia landscape, using a warm natural palette to render an intimate and captivating realism. Her technical expertise, combined with a subtle sensitivity to the light and nuance of both the interior and exterior environment make her work immensely appealing."

The Casket, Antigonish, Nova Scotia

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Available Prints

VML-1 "Bernie Allan Hughie's"

"The print shows an older, traditional home built by early scottish settlers. It is owned by Bernie MacLean and was inherited from his Father, Allan Hughie. No trees were left around the house except for a large apple tree out front. Wood stacked near the house is to be cut up for firewood and stored in the small shed. The house sits well up on Keppoch Mountain overlooking Ohio Valley in Antigonish County. The artist has endeavored to convey the isolation, hardship, and rugged individualism of the Scottish Settler." - V. MacLean

Etching; Edition 50; Size 7" x 18"; 1992; $175.

Technical Specifications - Feature Print

Paper - Arches Cover (Paper) (250 gm/m2)

Inks - Graphic Chemical , Charbonnel

Nine Colours applied to one plate a la poupee, etched in ferric


Plate - Copper: Heavy Gauge 1602

Press - Praga Press, 24 x 40 inch bed #T 207

Solo Printing

Runs - 1 Run


VML-2 "Night - West River"

This tranquil scene of a full yellow moon reflecting in the turn of a river, is rendered all in midnight blue, with lighter tones in the flowing river and the night sky.

Etching; Edition 60; Size 61/2" x 11" oval; 1994; $90.


VML-3 "Evening"


This etching of a magnificent and complex sunset spreading in full splendour over a tranquil farmstead is rendered in two editions of 30 each, one printed with the sky in yellow and red, the farmstead in blue black, the other all in blue black.

Etching; Edition 30 - blue black, yellow, red; Edition 30 - blue black; Size 3"x 8"; 1994; $35.


VML-4 "Dandelion"

Medium: Etching, indigo/white; Edition: 60; Size: 2 7/8" x 3 3/4"; Date: 1994; Price: $20.00


VML-5 "Goose"

Medium: Etching, pink/white; Edition: 60; Size: 2 3/4" x 3 1/4"; Date: 1994; Price: $25.00


VML-6 "Gander"

Medium: Etching 1)indigo 2)gold; Edition: 60; Size: 2 7/8" x 3 3/4"; Date: 1994; Price: $25.00


VML-7 "John's Sheep"

Medium: Etching, sepia; Edition: 60; Size: 2 3/4" diameter; Date: 1994; Price: $25.00


VML-8 "Cat In The Still Life"

Medium: Etching, black/orange; Edition: 60; Size: 2 3/4" diameter; Date: 1994; Price: $25.00


VML-9 "Azalea"

Medium: Etching 1)green/white 2)green/pink; Edition: 30; Size: 3 1/2" x 5"; Date: 1994; Price: $35.00


VML-10 "Woodroad to Tufts"

 Medium: Etching, indigo; Edition: 60; Size: 3" x 3 1/4"; Date: 1994; Price: $40.00


VML-11 "Winter Moon"

 Medium: Etching, indigo; Edition: 60; Size: 3 3/4" diameter; Date: 1994; Price: $45.00


VML-12 "Winter Rose"

Medium: Etching , reds/pinks; Edition: 50; Size: 3 3/4" diameter; Price: $50.00


Note on other available prints: There are additional prints available by Vicki MacLean, including a variety of small images. Slides of her other work can be sent upon request.
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