2000 Art Exhibit Schedule

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CECIL DAY: Recent Etchings

A distinguished member of Atlantic Canada's printmaking community, Day works out of her studio in Port Maitland, on the southwest coast of N.S. She brings her fascination with textured networks of the natural world with a painter's eye for color to this small tight collection of recent work, featured with a scattering of older prints.

RON MILTON: Monoprints, Etchings & Sculpture

Artist, teacher and lecturer Ronald Milton exhibits in galleries across Ontario and the Maritimes and teaches etching at a secondary art school in London, Ontario. Whimsical bronzes accompany the various frogs, roosters, and fish that find their way into Milton's unusual layered and languaged works on paper.

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MARCH 6-31

CHARLES DAWE: Acrylic and Oil Paintings

Emerging from a full life as artist, father and confirmed rebel, this mature and accomplished painter has come forth with an impressive accumulation of vigorous, expressive paintings of Cape Breton, especially the Sydney he loves and calls home. Dawes makes person and place, mundane or otherwise, come alive with an energentic percussion of bright, choice color and thick, resonant strokes of the brush.

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APRIL 4-28

JOHN LEVANGIE: "Steeling Nature"

New Work in Wire

This versatile mixed farmer and woodsman from Heatherton, N.S. has become well-known throughout Nova Scotia for his extraordinary metal sculpting. Experience in welding and jewelry-making coupled with an independent spirit led Levangie to develop his own unique expressions in wire called "steel sketches". Venture under the arbor and view his touch with the torch.

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MAY 2-31


13th Annual Invitational Group Show

An annual favorite, the Floral Show features the work of well over a dozen artists from across Nova Scotia - painters, sculptors, printmakers, folk artists, potters, tilemakers and fibre artists - celebrating the coming of spring with variety and enthusiasm. This year, for a lucky 13 change, we have expanded upon the floral theme to include fruit and all that coming to fruition implies. So once again, but with a twist of lemon and lime, this is a show full of hope, colour, light and the promise of life.

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JUNE 5-30

LINDA JOHNS: "The Questing Spirit"

Annual Exhibit of Recent Work

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Featured are acrylic paintings on paper and canvas and carvings in whalebone, by nationally known artist, writer and naturalist Linda Johns, all produced within the last year. This visionary artist, whose unique life and artwork have been featured on CBC and Discovery Channel documentaries, explores the enduring invisible forces at work within the visible world, integrating archetypal symbolism with her knowledge of and sensitivity to the energies and life forms of nature.

Special Preview: A sampling of ink brush drawings by the artist to be used as illustrations in the upcoming fall release by McClelland & Stewart of Wild and Wooly, sister book to last years For the Birds.

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JULY 4 - 28


Annual group show held in celebration of the Highland Games, the longest continuously running Scottish games in North America that attracts visitors and athletes from all over the world. Highlighting the work of painters, printmakers, wire, wood and clay sculptors who live and work in Antigonish and the surrounding area, this exhibit provides an opportunity for residents and visitors alike to view the remarkable breadth and diversity of the Antigonish artist community.

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AUGUST 1 - 31


Exhibit featuring printmakers associated with the gallery who work in a wide range of mediums, including etching, linocut, lithography, serigraph and wood engraving. This group exhibit is organized annually to provide a representative glimpse at printmaking in the Maritimes and give regular gallery artists an opportunity to feature new work or their "best of the year" selection. Work from Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick will make its way into the show this year.

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"The Lay of the Light"

V.L. MACLEAN AND A.W. SYPEREK: Etchings and Drawings

Companion Show to "The Lay of the Light" - Traveling Show of Maclean and Syperek Paintings, drawing attention to the foundation and further diversity of each artist's expression. The show is about two artists being present to the profundity of the world as it is and applying their imaginative expression to that daily interdependence of inner and outer experience. It calls for a new look at realism, not for historical or aesthetic reasons necessarily, but because there is some inherent truth in nature and in the eloquent arrangement of ordinary things that asserts an important connective and enlivening influence in the world.

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SUSAN PATERSON: Recent Etchings and Watercolours

Halifax born artist Susan Paterson, highly regarded both as an accomplished watercolour painter and exquisitely detailed printmaker, returns for her third solo show at Lyghtesome. Best known for her rural and seaside landscapes, Paterson delivers an elegant, reflective realism, imbued with subtle, human sympathies.

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PAUL PRICE: Recent Oils, Watercolours and Prints

A bold body of recent work by Antigonish artist and ophthalmologist Paul Price. Well-schooled in the Canadian expressionist landscape tradition, Price captures the essence of sea, land and sky with confident color and a prudent eye for definitive rhythm and design in nature.

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Recent pottery, Paintings, etchings & sculpture by gallery artists, Including new work by Kate Brown, Ruth Greenlaw, Ron Hazell, Linda Johns, John LeVangie, Suzanne Chrysler-MacDonald, Julia Redgrave, Alice Reed, William Rogers, Robert Rutherford and Anna Syperek.

New to feature are works by:

Bruce Campbell, Anne Hurst-Chisholm, Ron Fritz, Clyf Hull, Jane Mosely and David Tuck.

May the joy of the season be with you all!