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December 7 – 31, 2004

Varied group show featuring recent artwork by gallery artists and one-of-a-kind finds by Nova Scotia artisans.

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ANNA SYPEREK: “Quiet Hours”

November 2 – 27, 2004

A new collection of small watercolour paintings and pencil drawings by one of the Maritimes best known and best loved realists. These careful renderings exemplify the quiet, perceptive genius that gives such unassuming power and beauty to Anna Syperek’s work. With much of her time now spent in the etching studio or on location painting large oils, here are a few rare, fleeting moments she chose to capture and share.

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JULIA REDGRAVE: “Open Road Series”

October 5 – 30, 2004

A series of mixed media paintings exploring the archetypal nature of the “road”. A versatile artist with a background in wood, metal and ceramics, Redgrave brings considerable depth and intelligence to her work with patterns of human perception and communication. In this series on paper she travels from Aspy Bay, Cape Breton to Stonehenge to Caephilly Castle in Wales “to portray the volume of the journey and the smallness of the spot we occupy on the paths we take.”

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PRINTMAKERS EXHIBIT: 22nd Annual Group Exhibit

August 4 – September 30, 2004

Featuring printmakers associated with the gallery; works in etching, linocut, woodblock, woodengraving, silkscreen. Organized annually to provide a glimpse at printmaking in the Maritimes and to give regular gallery artists an opportunity to feature new work or “best of the year” selection. Always a few new contributors from further afield.

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ANTIGONISH AREA ARTISTS: 29th Annual Group Exhibit

JULY 7 – 31, 2004

Highlighting the work of painters, printmakers, potters and sculptors who live and work in Antigonish and the surrounding area. In addition, two back to visit: Angus Braid (sculpture) and Ron Hazell (watercolours).

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LINDA JOHNS “Touchstone”

JUNE 1 – 30, 2004

Paintings, drawings and sculpture by nationally known visionary artist, writer and naturalist Linda Johns are featured in this 29th annual solo show of recent work.

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FLOWERS TO FRUIT: 17th Annual Invitational Group Show

MAY 4 – 29, 2004

An annual favorite featuring the work of over two dozen artists from across Nova Scotia celebrating the coming of spring with colour and light in many different mediums. Each year the show takes on a slightly different vibrancy, always refreshing!

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ALICE HOSKINS “Close to Home”

APRIL 6 – 30, 2004

A recent collection of over two dozen recent watercolours by the accomplished artist and art educator Alice Hoskins. All painted on location in and about Antigonish County, Alice makes eloquent use of the spacious and luminous qualities inherent in the medium of watercolour.

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CECIL DAY “Gros Morne Experience”

MARCH 9 – APRIL 3, 2004

A series of eight viscosity colour etchings inspired by the spectacular vistas and rugged terrain of Newfoundland’s Gros Morne National Park. Well known Yarmouth printmaker Cecil Day spent a month living and working on the west coast of Newfoundland through the National Park’s artist-in-residence program in the fall of 1999. These rich and exhilarating images were part of a series of small editions with variations produced in 2001.

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JUDITH LEIDL “Pangnirtung Portfolio: Arctic Landscapes”

FEBRUARY 23 – MARCH 6, 2004

Mythic elements of the northern landscape combine with Judith Leidl’s affinity for texture and textile design in these energetic and colourful relief prints produced while Visiting Artist at the Pangnirtung Print Shop,Pangnirtung, Nunavut, in August/July 2003. Judith J. Leidl, M.F.A. accomplished artist, printmaker, art educator and consultant, has taught at Acadia University, Wolfville, N.S. since 1998 and exhibited and taught in Eastern Europe, Japan, Taiwan, The British Isles, across the Maritimes and the rest of Canada.

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