2014 Art Exhibit Schedule

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Oct 14 - Nov 8

William Rogers

Lyghtesome Gallery is featuring recent oil and watercolour paintings by well-known Antigonish artist William (Bill) Rogers in a solo exhibition from October 14 to November 8. 
2014 has been a banner year for Bill Rogers' artistic career.  In May he received the honour of a lifetime by being chosen to accompany Prince Charles, HRH and the Duchess of Cornwall as the Royal Tour artist on their recent visit to Canada.

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June 3-28


"Lifeline", a solo show of recent work by well-known Antigonish artist Linda Johns, opens at Lyghtesome Gallery on June 3, 2014. A prolific painter, sculptor and writer, Johns spent two years away from her studio following the death of her partner, and just began working again in the summer of 2013. “Lifeline” signals this visionary artist’s powerful return with recent whalebone carvings and acrylic paintings on paper and canvas, her 37th solo show at Lyghtesome Gallery.

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May 7 - 31


On display throughout the month of May at Lyghtesome Gallery is a new show entitled "FRESH POTS & PAINT" introducing a new line of white stoneware pottery by distinguished Nova Scotia visual artist and potter Julia Redgrave and fresh work by a variety of artists associated with Lyghtesome Gallery, celebrating the coming of spring.

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