Equinox. A point of balance. Light and darkness equally divided, gliding on motionless wings and joined at the fulcrum. Energy balanced by stillness.

Our calendars indicate two times of balance: in the spring and in the autumn. Each a pause between two seasons.

But throughout our lives, times of extremity seek rest, and ample repose energizes. Always the equinoctial gales blow, and are succeeded by calms.

Each defines the other.
And both constitute the vitality of living.

Also by Linda Johns: "The Questing Spirit" (2000), "Equinox "(2001), "The Inner Eye"(2002), "Wings of Spring"(2003), "Touchstone" (2004), "Where has the Quiet Gone?"(2005), "Standing on the Sky"(2006), "Behind the Scenes"(2007), "Drinking from the Roots"(2008), Called to Awaken (2009), "Invocation" (2009), "Shapeshifters" (2010), "Teachings from the Trees"(2011), Virtual Exhibits

Acrylic Paintings on Paper

Spirit of the Night -Sold

The Age of Orion-Sold

Windriders -Sold

Equinox -Sold

Canticle to Spring -Sold

The Moondancers Roots of Renewal

Listening for Spring -Sold

Fragile World The Dancer -Sold

World of Light -Sold

Night Wanderers

Fires of Spring -Sold


Whalebone & Clay Sculpture

Great Ocean (View 1) Great Ocean (View 2) Great Ocean (View 3) Great Ocean (Detail) Great Ocean (Detail)

Ancient Wave (View 1) -Sold

Ancient Wave (View 2) -Sold

Lunar Eclipse -Sold


Sunseeker (View 1) Sunseeker (View 2)   Sunseeker (View 3) Sunseeker (View 4)
  Cornucopia (View 1) Cornucopia (View 2) Cornucopia (View 3)  
Cornucopia (Detail)   Cornucopia (Detail)   Cornucopia (Detail)

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