June 3-29, 2002 "THE INNER EYE"
Annual Solo Show of Recent Work by Linda Johns

"Our outer eye sees events and circumstances amid the fleeting seasons of nature. All is ever changing, always in flux. But our inner eye sees beyond these manifestations in time, to the unchanging realities of eternity."

"For me, the challenge is to use familiar images from our natural world in metaphorical ways in order to reveal this hidden world, the one seen by our inner eye." - Linda Johns

Featured are works by Linda Johns produced in 2002: acrylic paintings on paper and pen and ink drawings in hand carved frames by nationally known artist, writer and naturalist Linda Johns. This visionary artist, whose unique life and artwork have been featured on CBC and Discovery Channel documentaries, explores the enduring invisible forces at work within the visible world, integrating archetypal symbolism with her knowledge of and sensitivity to the energies and life-forms of nature. "The Inner Eye" is Linda Johns' 27th annual solo show held at Lyghtesome Gallery.