May 2014

On display throughout the month of May at Lyghtesome Gallery is a new show entitled "FRESH POTS & PAINT" introducing a new line of white stoneware pottery by distinguished Nova Scotia visual artist and potter Julia Redgrave and fresh work by a variety of artists associated with Lyghtesome Gallery, celebrating the coming of spring.

Julia Redgrave recently moved to Annapolis Royal from Antigonish and opened The Worn Doorstep Gallery in June of 2013, providing a gallery space for work by a variety of regional artisans, as well as Julia's own pottery and mixed media paintings and the work of Felicity Redgrave, RCA, her mother, also formerly of Antigonish.   Both Julia and Felicity bring a great deal of expertise and enthusiasm for the arts to their new venture which is a vibrant and important addition to the Annapolis Valley region.  Julia last worked with clay with her husband, the late Brian Segal, in their highly successful clay production studio called College Grant Pottery which sold in fine shops across Canada from 1983-1998.  She launched her own new production line with four distinct glazes and designs at the Atlantic Craft Trade Show in Halifax in February of this year.  She accepts commissions and is working on several one-of-a-kind gallery pieces for the fall.

In ''FRESH POTS & PAINT'' there is also work displayed by several artists from Antigonish, many of whom would have been colleagues of Julia Redgrave's in the Art Dept. at St. Francis Xavier University:  Alice Hoskins, Sharon Jan, Regina Marzlin, Alice Reed, Bill Rogers, Brendan Sanderson, Anna Syperek and Odile Tetu.  From Pictou County there are paintings by Mark Brennan and Carolyn Bedford, as well as a series of new, small, steel wire sculptures by Dawn MacNutt.  Chris Gorey and Ken Lywood have both contributed new work from Cape Breton and from Halifax, photographer Margot Metcalf, has two new editioned color photos.

The show runs until May 31st and will be followed by a solo show of work by Linda Johns, in June,  entitled ''Lifeline''.