Also by Linda Johns: "The Questing Spirit" (2000), "Equinox "(2001), "The Inner Eye"(2002), "Wings of Spring"(2003), "Touchstone" (2004), "Where has the Quiet Gone?"(2005), "Standing on the Sky"(2006), "Behind the Scenes"(2007), "Drinking from the Roots"(2008), Called to Awaken (2009), "Invocation" (2009), "Shapeshifters" (2010), "Teachings from the Trees"(2011), Virtual Exhibits

Acrylic Paintings on Canvas

Blossoming Night

Brushed by Wings (Sold)

Called by the Moon

Fed by the Elders

Gaia's Voyage (Sold)

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Holding it all Together

Reflecting (Sold)

Rhythms of Spring

The Mirror (Sold)

Watching the Sunrise (Sold)


















Where has the Quiet Gone?




Acrylic Paintings on Paper

Breath of Life (Sold)


Defiance (Sold)







Raven Woken by Moonlight(Sold)

Releasing the Waters (Sold)


Ink Brush Drawings

A Brighter Road Always Another Sunrise Dragon Weather East of Sun (Sold) Heart of the Dance






I Will Guide Your Wings
Journey at Dawn Message from the Stars Planting Seeing Further



The Serpent's Gift




Wings of Renewal





Time and Tide (Sold)

Nourished by Dragons


I Will Guide Your Wings (Sold)


Sacred Circle

Safe in the Circle (Sold)


The Guide (Sold)

Tree of Renewal (Sold)

Trusting the Power





Carvings and Acrylic

Bloodroot Under the Moon (Sold)

Bringing the Moon

Doorway to Summer


Fundy Flights (Sold)


Holding the Mystery (Sold)

Moon Eyes (Sold)

Seedpods by Snail Light (Sold)

Spring Beauty (Sold)

Spring Candles (Sold)

The Calling Nest (Sold)


The Moon Catchers (Sold)


The Whale Riders (Sold)





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