Standing on the Sky
“In one painting, reason tells us that a shorebird is standing on earth, yet we see water disguised as sky. In another work, the moon, visible because of reflected light from an unseen sun, is itself a reflection in water. Reality dissolves into illusion, answer into question. Only wonder remains, opening the door to reverence.”
Linda Johns
2006 Annual Exhibit

Also by Linda Johns: "The Questing Spirit" (2000), "Equinox "(2001), "The Inner Eye"(2002), "Wings of Spring"(2003), "Touchstone" (2004), "Where has the Quiet Gone?"(2005), "Standing on the Sky"(2006), "Behind the Scenes"(2007), "Drinking from the Roots"(2008), Called to Awaken (2009), "Invocation" (2009), "Shapeshifters" (2010), "Teachings from the Trees"(2011), Virtual Exhibits

Acrylic Paintings on Paper


Standing on the Sky (Sold)

The Seeing Land (Sold)

The Wind's Lyre (Sold)

Spring Comes to the River

Haunted by Whales

Reflecting, Reflected - This Curious Moon (Sold)



Acrylic Paintings on Canvas



A New Spiral

Walking on Wings of Sand (Sold)

Seen and Unseen



Encircling Waters (Sold)

Mending the Breach Broken Spiral




Earth Mother (Sold) Deep Waters Sleeping for Survival Flight Path Cosmic Tree


Sea and Sky (Sold)
Trust (Sold)
Spiral of Spring (Sold)


Acrylic and Pine


Waxing and Waning (Sold)
Spirit of the Forest (Sold)
River by Loon Light (Sold)
Undaunted Spiral (Sold)


Ink Brush Drawings

Moon Watching


The Challenge


The Torn Web


A Last Look


Strong Bones


The Last Tree


Holding the Future


Wild Goose Weather


The Triumphant Nest


Riding the Whale


  Holding the Strands Together  

The Roots Remember


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