The Wings of Spring , June 2003
“… Muse on me from time to time. Reflect that I may be an acquired taste. You probably did not like olives the first time you tasted them. Now you probably do. Give me the same chance you would an olive.”
- P. G. Wodehouse in ‘Leave it to Psmith'



Also by Linda Johns: "The Questing Spirit" (2000), "Equinox "(2001), "The Inner Eye"(2002), "Wings of Spring"(2003), "Touchstone" (2004), "Where has the Quiet Gone?"(2005), "Standing on the Sky"(2006), "Behind the Scenes"(2007), "Drinking from the Roots"(2008), Called to Awaken (2009), "Invocation" (2009), "Shapeshifters" (2010), "Teachings from the Trees"(2011), Virtual Exhibits

Acrylic Paintings on Paper




The Wings of Spring


Northern Dance (Sold)



Stonebound (Sold)




  My Own Path The Rush Of Life

Moondrawn (Sold)



Acrylic Paintings on Canvas



Out of the Storm On Spread Wings


The Heart



Spiral Journey (Sold)

The Way of the Tree (Sold)

The Cauldron The Path

Two-Fold Journey (Sold)


  Primal Poem The Pull of Life Safekeeping  


Ink Brush Drawings



The Unstoppable Song Under the Wing

Secret Strength


The Waning World Spiralwoven World

Shell Series (Sold)

The Song of the Feather (Sold)

Protecting the Song

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